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Meet my youngest brother, Caleb. He is starting his junior year at the University of Toledo for Construction Engineering and Army ROTC. He's completed two co-ops at Kokosing Construction Company, which is one of the largest family-owned contractors in the country.

A few months ago, he sent me a sketch of his initials in a monogram/icon style, saying he wanted some business cards (I love me some business card design). I put together a bunch of different color and layout options, and this is where we landed. I may have gone a little overboard on the printing of the cards, as they're the thickest stock Moo offers at 32 pt., which is basically 3 cards stacked on top of each other. But, who doesn't like it thicc?

With these cards, Caleb plans on handing them out at career fairs and networking throughout his school. Not many 20-year olds have their own business cards, and with cards this thick, he will certainly stand out from his peers. In the future, he wants to open his own bar. 

Caleb is outgoing by nature, and (so far) is the only person in our family who has tattoos. The whole notion of tattoos being seen as "unprofessional" in the workplace is completely misguided and outdated. Tattoos are simply a form of self-expression and make an individual uniquely their own. They also make for a badass backdrop, which showcases the idea that yes, as a matter of fact, it is possible to be tattooed and professional.

Client: Caleb Welly
Project: Business Cards
Printing: Moo, Luxe Red