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Jacob | Downtown Tiffin Portraits

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For those of you who don't know, I have two younger brothers. We fought all the time growing up, but now that we're all basically adults, we get along so much better. Yay maturity! Caleb is the babe of the family and he's currently going to school for construction engineering and the Army ROTC. But this article isn't about him, so let's shift gears to Jake. 

During the day he's a civil engineer, but in his spare time, he loves working on video projects. Everything from weddings and vlogging to aerial drone footage of his travels and random ass YouTube skits. He would love to start doing music videos, so all you talented singer/songwriter/band people out there should get ahold of him!

When he told me he needed some portraits to beef up his social media presence, we hopped in the car and headed downtown. I love grungy textures and colors, so this specific location was perfect for a whole slew of backgrounds. Be sure to follow him on social to keep up with his latest videos; YouTube  |  Instagram  |  Facebook

Client: Jacob Welly Videography
Location: Downtown Tiffin
Camera: Sony Alpha a6000