Meghen Welly | Graphic Designer

Beer Coasters

hand crafted


for the love of beer

I love beer. I love everything about it; I love that you can enjoy one with a meal or enjoy a few with friends. I love the endless variety of flavors and smells. But most importantly, I love it's packaging. As a designer, I have an immense love and respect for all of the different styles and treatments that have been created over the years. So to showcase this unique industry, I have been sampling all different kinds of beers and collecting 6-pack containers to turn this would-be-garbage, into hand-crafted coasters. 


current inventory


ready for your very own set?

I am currently offering two different types of coster sets. Misc. Coaster Set (4-pack) means I choose 4 designs from the current inventory listing for you. Custom Coaster Set (4-pack) means you get to choose any design from the current inventory listing!